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Blah blah blah, Blogger is stopping allowing FTP transfer stuff, and the whole process is way beyond my technical ability. I don’t know what the fuck a CNAME is, so I’m moving here. I’m assuming that all the old stuff will stay in the same place, cos it’s on the same server as the rest of the Flip Flop Flyin’ stuff. But I did notice that comments on the old blog aren’t coming up. Sorry. (And thanks to Anna and The Bulkeleys for their kind words about the drawings on the last post.)

I swapped up one of the images at the top of the last post over there so that it redirects you here, but for some idiotic reason, I’m unable to actually edit the blog post to redirect here. Stomp stomp stomp my feet like a child: I hate Blogger, waaah! So things might look a bit unlike the old blog over here for a while until I get to grips with how to edit the HTML to put the masthead etc. up here. Ho hum.

Anyway, because I swapped out one of the images in the last post, I’ll post them all here now. Let’s see if this works, shall we?

(Images now back in their original post below, here.)

Written by Craig

March 11th, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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  1. you should put wordpress onto your own server, MT have a 1 click application for it, ( if you use wordpress as your host, it limits what you can do quite alot.. and you get crap domain name… then use the import function in the tools section of wordpress interface… that way you keep all your comments and posts.. i just did it for someone else and it all seemded to work ok…

    word up

    11 Mar 10 at 19:51

  2. why do things always have to change!
    nice drawing tho :)


    11 Mar 10 at 20:53

  3. I like the brushes drawings regardless of where they are published. Blugger! Is zat Kotdamm bridge looking westwards oin the march 6 one?


    12 Mar 10 at 10:50

  4. Big bums to Booger Blogger! But you’ll figure it out dude, you always do.

    I love the balloon dog. I think I may once have BEEN the balloon dog girl.


    12 Mar 10 at 19:26

  5. change is good.


    13 Mar 10 at 00:07

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