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Some friends and I went to Hooters last night. Never been there before; didn’t even know there was one here. As one would imagine, there was a lot of dudes sat around drinking and watching soccer on the big TVs. The waitresses wore small clothes. When the waitress first came over to the table, she wrote her name on her pad, ripped it off and put it on the table so that we knew we were being served by Janine. Here’s a scan of that piece of paper.

What at first looks like she’d dotted the “i” with a heart, looks different when viewed upside down. I wonder if Janine purposefully drew some boobs. Or buttocks. Or, if you squint a bit, the heart combines with the “n” to kinda look like a cock and balls.

Written by Craig

April 24th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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  1. Who knew hearts had cleavage?


    28 Apr 10 at 00:44

  2. My name’s Janine, i just googled my name and this came up. I read what you wrote, I’m not the Janine you met (im in australia) but I think you are looking into it a bit too deeply. I don’t think she meant that at all, because, funny enough my signature has a heart rather than a dot above the i too.

    It’s just a heart.


    10 Dec 12 at 07:26

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