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PB & J & J

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Last night, I made a wonderful sandwich. So wonderful, in fact, that I made it again for lunch. Some of you are going to find this a disgusting idea, but, y’know, some of you might be salivating thinking about. First, you take the bread. Then put peanut butter on one slice, and strawberry jam on the other slice.

You’ve pretty much got a PB & J going on there. But then, you make it a PB & J & J by adding… jalapeño.

Slap ’em together, and get eatin’.

Burp. Clean plate.

I know what you’re thinking: I am as good a chef as Gordon Ramsay. Seriously, it may sound disgusting to add jalapeño, but it’s really nice having something hot in there combined with the nutty and fruity flavours.

I just Googled “PB & J jalapeño” and found this place in Seattle called The Shelter Lounge that serves – my oh my – PB & J jalapeño poppers. Drool. I wish I’d know about this place when I was there last year.

Written by Craig

May 27th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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  1. I never knew you could cook!


    27 May 10 at 18:27

  2. sorry, it really annoys me when people don’t spread right to the edges and corners. have i got a problem?


    28 May 10 at 03:35

  3. I too have a thing about spreading right to the edges, you are not alone Mike…


    28 May 10 at 07:04

  4. I can understand it annoying you if someone made you a sandwich like that, Mike, but why would it annoy you that I would make one like that for myself? Now I think about it, though, I’m fairly sure I’ve always done it like this; never up to the edge. Hmmm…


    28 May 10 at 13:44

  5. are those pickled jalapeƱos? if so… : (


    2 Jun 10 at 13:29

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