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In-flight entertainment

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Written by Craig

September 13th, 2010 at 5:43 am

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  1. You’re brilliant.


    13 Sep 10 at 17:12

  2. Yes you are – some of the colours are a bit too close to distinguish on my feeble screen – but still brilliant…

    I am not completely sure though if I understand the meaning of the two stacks you have displayed for the “actual” graph – left is background activity and right is you mind’s focus – correct?
    What is going on in a 3 hour podcast on baseball? – pardon for being clueless there…

    Did you mention where you are going (assuming this is not a completely fictional excercise – and I am not to nosy to want to know)?



    14 Sep 10 at 04:27

  3. Thank you.

    Alex: yes, that’s right. Had it not been a last minute idea, I’d’ve done it clearer. I subscribe to six different baseball-related podcasts, so there’s lots to listen to. Plus, it is played every day, so there’s always something new to talk about.

    I mentioned it on Twitter, actually. Mexico is where I flew to.


    14 Sep 10 at 10:07

  4. was your passport in your pocket?


    14 Sep 10 at 17:45

  5. It was! It was there the whole time.


    14 Sep 10 at 18:40

  6. that’s good, cause even though you checked like 10 times, it could have gotten away!
    I’m the same way sometimes. like you just can’t believe that something is there unless you touch it a couple or dozen times.


    15 Sep 10 at 12:30

  7. no napping? I’m usually out like a light the second they close the door.

    have you seen this? http://niemann.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/03/red-eye/


    17 Sep 10 at 15:41

  8. Oh, listen to you! Bragging that you can sleep on a plane! : )
    You lucky lucky person.


    17 Sep 10 at 15:50

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