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Talking and tortas

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I was back at Centro on Wednesday. They had an open day for prospective students, and I did another rambling talk about my work. I got to feel semi like a worthwhile person, too, when I found out the Centro PR department (a lovely fellow called Pepe) had organised a few interviews with Mexican magazines and websites about my wee exhibition. It does the ego some good to be asked about stuff like that. Fun day, all topped off when three Centro people (Sam, Daniel, and the aforementioned Pepe) trekked across town to a a fantastic restaurant called Tortas Jorge (Google Maps). Just in case, a torta is a type of Mexican sandwich (Wikipedia). The walls were full of photos, lots of bullfighting posters, a couple of mounted bull heads, and guitars. Most of the people there were middle-aged or older. A guy played the guitar, singing songs which my companions seemed to know the words to. We sat at one end of the bar watching the World Series baseball game, as behind us, the guitar player went off on some awesome acoustic guitar solos. Within the context of this Mexican style of music, he was like Jimmy Page. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Only made better by the San Francisco Giants beating the Texas Rangers, a team I fucking loathe. And yet again, the evening was a reminder of how friendly Mexican people are. I will keep on saying it, but I like it here.

Thanks to Pepe for the photo of us watching the game

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October 29th, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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  1. In my book you are a very worthwhile human being. :)


    30 Oct 10 at 10:50

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