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I’ve mentioned before that some people in Mexico City seem to have trouble pronouncing my name. This is most noticeable to me when I’m getting a coffee in Starbucks. They ask my name, write it on the cup, and then I get to see what they think I said.

After the first few mis-hearings of my name, I decided that I would play my own silly game. When the server asks for my name, I reply—in a normal, clear voice—Craig. If they repeat a name back to me as a question, checking that they had heard correctly, whatever they say to me, I reply that yes, that’s my name.

So far, as well as the occasional Craig, I’ve been called—in alphabetical order—Creak, Crek, Drake, Erick, Fred, Grake, Gray, Greak, Greg, Grek, Grey, Joel, Kreg, Rag, Trey, and Troy.

A couple of days ago, though, this is what I found written on the side of my cup. Any ideas?

Written by Craig

November 17th, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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  1. Beats Me.

    — Floyd


    18 Nov 10 at 14:21

  2. Loving the Stieb bobblehead.


    19 Nov 10 at 09:20

  3. British?

    Is there no Spanish equivalent to Craig (John/Juan)?


    19 Nov 10 at 23:05

  4. No, there isn’t. I have thought about just saying “David” but I kind of enjoy the weird pronunciations now, so I keep going with my real name.


    19 Nov 10 at 23:12

  5. Maybe they were just writing your order down – cup of Bovril, right?


    29 Nov 10 at 20:37

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