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Last week, I mentioned that in the spring of 2009, I had a couple of jobs cancelled after I’d been working on them for a while. One of the jobs I wasn’t that into; mostly because the ideas that I had kept getting shot down by the client in favour of the client wanting more and more Minipops. In the end, the Minipops-based work that I’d been working on was rejected. The other job, though, was the kind of job that I wanted to do simply because the 13-year-old Craig would time travel to stab me in the head if I didn’t do it: an illustration for Duran Duran.

Annoyingly, I no longer have the emails from that project, so I’m just gonna have to go on my memory of events. First things first, the client was the merchandising company who do all of Duran Duran’s tour stuff. The guy who I was dealing with there was a lovely fellow and an absolute joy to work with. He’d seen an old drawing of Duran Duran I’d done of them in their heyday, around the time of Rio:

Apparently one member of the band really liked it. Frankly, that was enough for me. Nick Rhodes likes my drawing! Yay!

So they showed me a bunch of photos of the costumes they’d be wearing on the tour, and the idea was to do a similar drawing, but updated to look like the band looked like in 2009.

Which I duly did. I sent off my drawing, and I got notes back on tweaks needed. That was done six times. Some of the tweaks were bigger than others, some were simply things like changing the order of the band members. Until we finally settled on this version.

Everyone happy, time to present it to the band. And, well, one member of the band vetoed it. That’s why it didn’t happen. I wasn’t told which member of the band it was, but I already knew that Nick Rhodes liked it, and my first instinct was that it was Simon Le Bon who vetoed it, which I was told wasn’t the case. So it was one of the Taylors. Shame. I’m proud of it, though. It’s a good drawing.

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November 30th, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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