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Went for a stroll this afternoon, and seemed to enter a little baseball-related bubble. First, stood at a pedestrian crossing, a grey-haired guy in a Seattle Pilots cap (the 1969 existed-for-one-season-only Seattle friggin’ Pilots!). Second, on the other side of the street waiting to cross the perpendicular street, a young man in an authentic Baltimore Orioles jersey (no name or number on the back). Next, walking along the street a Japanese couple, arm in arm; she wearing a L.A. Dodgers cap, he wearing a Chicago White Sox cap. All within the space of two minutes. (Obviously, I wondered to myself if any of them noted my moderately obscure 1908 St Louis Browns reproduction cap.) Crossing the next street, I passed a guy in an AC/DC cap. Black with the red-with-white-outline logo on the front. On either side of the logo were red horns. Not stitched-on depictions of horns: actual horns sticking out of the cap. When I say “actual,” they were made of some synthetic material; he didn’t have real horns coming out of his head through the cap like Derek Jacobi in “Mr. Pye.” Although, thinking about it, maybe he did have real horns. Maybe the AC/DC cap is the perfect disguise for a man who wants to go about a regular life without letting people know that he is actually the devil himself…

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January 7th, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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