Flip Flop Flying

Day five

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I’m fairly sure there’s the possibility for some sort of TV play to be made about the subtleties of human beings in a hotel breakfast environment. Sadly, though, it’d likely be done by Matt Lucas and David Walliams with no subtlety whatsoever. The passive aggressive one-upmanship of stories. I’ve been here. Well, I went there five years ago. My Canon EOS has got a bigger lens. I took some great shots of that toucan yesterday that were way better toucans than you are taking photos of right now. Etc. forever.

Onwards to a new place to stay, waaaaay down a gravelly, potholed road to a place called Calico Jack’s. Not too far from San Ignacio, but out in the jungle. We are the first ever guests. It’s been open for a while because they have ziplining and caves to explore, but the hotelly bit is new.

And it seems pretty fine to me. I spent most of my Sunday watching the NFL playoffs, drinking cold beers. So not much to complain about. But, with no other guests, what the heck am I gonna write about over breakfast tomorrow morning?

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January 24th, 2011 at 6:30 am

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