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New draw-y thing

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Downloaded a drawing app for the iPod touch called Vellum. It’s just £1.19, so worth a punt. I’ve tried a few apps, and it’s always the first few tries that determine if I’ll bother keeping it on my iPod or trashing it. I tried Sketches and Colors Lite, both of which didn’t last very long. Brushes, of course, is my favourite thing for the iPod and iPad. I love it. We’ll see if I try using Vellum much more. First sketches are pretty poo, and, of course, being a juvenile, one of the first things I drew was a knob. I’m fairly sure I’ve done that with each of these apps. Anyway, here’s the first crop of quick scribbles I did with Vellum. We’ll see…

Written by Craig

January 8th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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  1. Is that an Elf? Because I’ve been looking for an Elf logo-thingy (Estacada Library Friends) You’d be surprised how many little gnome-type creatures are NOT Elves. Is that an Elf? Or just another Dick?


    9 Jan 11 at 14:29

  2. I’d not thought about it, but, yeh, I guess it is an elf.


    9 Jan 11 at 15:51

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