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Step-by-step drawing

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Been a while since I bothered to go through something step-by-step. Not sure if anyone cares, but for the three people out there who may care, here’s a step-by-step of drawing the Ron Artest thing.

A bit of background. These figure started off a bit more cartoony than they ended up being. Of course, they’re still a bit of cartoony, with the slightly over-sized heads, but before, they had no really facial detail, and no necks. The first dudes I drew, back in 2007, were some Liverpool FC players (Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, John Arne Riise, Steven Gerrard, and Dirk Kuyt), and soon after that I did a wee animation for Japanese magazine, ELLEgirl, featuring male and female luchadores.

At some point last year I revisted the drawings and started drawing Major League Baseball uniforms. I wanted to do drawings of players, and felt like fiddling with the template a touch. Because I have a perfectionist and completist streak, I did all the uniforms before I drew any players. Below are some of the MLB templates, and here are some of the players I’ve drawn so far. After doing the MLB uniform dudes, I did NFL dudes, and Premier League dudes. And so far, I’ve done one NHL dude.

And when the Artest thing came along, it came time to draw a template NBA dude. Now, this is the point where, because I’m a white liberal pansy, I started worrying about the fact that all of the other sportsmen templates I’ve drawn were the same skin tone. There was no real reason for that other than I wanted the uniform templates to look like templates, so they all kinda had to be the same colour (and being that white liberal pansy, you’ll notice that they’re all slightly darker than the original LFC players; because I did MLB players first, I decided to do them with a slightly darker Latin American skin tone. Not that all Latin Am- oh, jeez, I’ll stop over-explaining…). Here’s the few template unis I did specifically for the Artest thing.

Here’s where the facial characteristics of the portrait come into being. So, the baseball guys had caps, and the NFL guys had helmets, so the first time I really did a full head was the Premier League templates. I took that and changed the skin tone to be more like Ron’s.

Next step with these drawings is to do a real basic outline of what makes the guy the guy. So with Ron, it’s his head shape and (currently) a wee beard. I do some rough changes to the template to bring those in, and with each step try to refine the drawing.

Still not particularly looking like Ron…

But it takes a step closer with the addition of some shading to highlight the cheekbones…

And then even more so by taking away some of the head shape to make the cheekbones more prominent.

A few more tinkers and we’re done.

Here’s an animated GIF of each step of the process.

Written by Craig

January 4th, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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  1. Frohes Neues Jahr, lieber Craig! Your Blog ist the only one I read regularly. Because it tells me all the things I need to now. And it makes me laugh. And even cry sometimes. And so on. All the best for 2011!


    5 Jan 11 at 04:21

  2. Really love this kind of stuff! Still doing great work. Although still miss your ‘Flip Flop Flyin’ does..’ series (as well as your swimming in coffee style work). Would have thought you’d have amazing material with amount of travelling. I’m probably just stuck in your past though.


    13 Jan 11 at 17:31

  3. Thanks.

    The thing with the FFF Does stuff was that it was mostly done when I didn’t travel much, and crucially, before I started blogging. That stuff mostly gets covered in blog posts, nowadays. And I don’t really have the inclination to do it any more. I should try and do more little animations like the Swimming in Coffee Boy, though. My mind wanders too much these days, though, to stay focussed on animation.


    13 Jan 11 at 17:41

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