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Every morning, I walk to Starbucks to get a coffee. There are closer coffee places, but Starbucks is one of the few places that doesn’t automatically put cinnamon on a cappuccino. I despise cinnamon. And in the morning, I really cant be arsed having to remind the person making the coffee that I told the person taking my money that I don’t want cinnamon. So, Starbucks it is. And a really beautiful woman works in there, which really does make a difference to my day, rather pathetically. At some point during each trip, I wonder if one of the other possible routes to Starbucks is quicker. So I measured them on Google Earth. They are pretty darn close to being exactly the same. This makes me happier than it really should.

Written by Craig

January 10th, 2011 at 7:31 am

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