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As the seats were being flicked upright, the armrests being lowered, the cabin lights dimmed, and I sucked on a Tic Tac to try and help me not get weird ears, the view out of the window turned from black with the odd clump of lights to a landscape covered in lights. I know I mentioned this at the start of my holiday, but it’s a truly astonishing sight to behold.

Through immigration and customs, into a taxi, and feeling like I was home bombing through the city. It’s a comforting feeling recognising the route a cab driver takes fro an airport. Conversely, it’s also a great feeling seeing a city for the very first time through the window of a taxi.

Back in the apartment, and the accumulated information that I missed: 3 actual pieces of mail (one of which that has taken since 18 November to get here from the UK), and then the electronic information: 55 podcasts (over 27 hours worth), 720 RSS items, and over a thousand emails. The problem I have is wanting to be “settled” straight away. My mind flicks from one thing to the next. Oooh, app updates! Oooh, download photos from my camera! Sort out my sleep chart! Sort out my ballcap chart! Empty out my backpack. I wanna do them all at once.

Rather annoyingly, I got home to a messy apartment. Three of the four people who live here have been or are on vacation. It sucks to come home to dirty dishes in the sink, a fridge full of food that may or may not be useable, and overflowing bins in the kitchen and bathroom. That last one, the bin in the bathroom, wouldn’t be such a big deal in other countries, but here, where the plumbing and pipes in the buildings just isn’t up to what a western European fellow is used to, you can’t flush toilet paper. It has to be dropped in the little bin next to the lav. Every place, apartments, bars, restaurants, hotels: they’re all like that. When I first arrived, it took a while to get used to it. Partly because of the rather natural habit of dropping paper in the bowl, and partly because, well, it’s fucking disgusting. After a while, though, you get used to it. And the toilet paper here is way more perfumed than the toilet paper in the UK or Germany, so that kinda neutralises the smell. But I never really get over seeing the bin full of toilet paper. And returning home to a full bin, I noticed the smell. It didn’t smell of poo, but the perfume smell is a smell I mentally associate with poo.

One good thing, though, returning from a Caribbean beach with an altitude of a couple of feet, to Mexico City with its altitude of 2,200 metres (7,217 feet), is how, this time, I’ve not experienced any adverse effects. Amazing, really, how the body can get used to things.

Spent most of today going through all of the backlog of electronic life. It was lovely to have a really good cup of coffee again; something that is few and far between in Belize. And tacos; beautiful, darling, tacos.

And some laziness, too. Returning from vacation late on a Wednesday evening is a recipe for writing off the whole week. Wake up on Thursday and, well, tomorrow’s the weekend. And it’s Super Bowl weekend, too. So, it’ll just be housekeeping and boozing for me until after that. Then life can begin again.

Finally, to those of you who have read any or all of the 13,174 words of blog posts I wrote whilst on holiday: thank you. Photographs and more drawings will be coming soon. Don’t wanna get them all up just yet, though; want to drag out the holiday feeling for a bit longer.

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February 3rd, 2011 at 6:44 pm

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  1. Thank’s Craig for taking me on holiday with you. Well, it felt like that reading all about your travels. x


    4 Feb 11 at 03:54

  2. Thanks, Craig. Living in Utah I needed a nice tropical vacation. I really did look forward to reading this every morning.


    4 Feb 11 at 11:43

  3. Thanks, Craig, for taking me on holiday with you. It was awesome.


    6 Feb 11 at 14:45

  4. ju

    7 Feb 11 at 06:39

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