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Feels like we done got ourselves a storm brewin’

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The sky, about 20 minutes ago.

Written by Craig

March 28th, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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  1. Craig, I haven’t been on here for ages. Work took over my life. So you’re in Mexico? Nice. I’m in Australia, but just for a bit. I hope you’re enjoying life. Just wanted to say hi!


    28 Mar 11 at 21:30

  2. Hi Tori. Australia, eh? Where abouts? Mexico is great. Really enjoying it.


    28 Mar 11 at 21:46

  3. Only a month late replying… I’m in Brisbane, it rains more than I was expecting. Great news about your new book! Good luck with it.


    27 Apr 11 at 20:41

  4. Thanks, Tori. Have fun in Brisbane.


    27 Apr 11 at 20:51

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