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A few things about nothing much

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The other night, on the way home from a baseball game, the smells were overwhelming. In the subway car, some kids were smoking weed. It smelled quite nice, and even in a moderately full carriage, nobody seemed to care too much. Not too far away from the subway station is a big Grupo Modelo brewery, the place where they make, amongst other things, Corona. And the whole neighbourhood smelled all malty. It was such a lovely smell. And as I got a bit further away, there was the smell of rain on dry earth, which is top ten favourite smells for me.

I tried iced tea for the first time in my life. It was quite nice.

I went to buy some jeans on Thursday. There aren’t many brands that I’m loyal to, but I tend to be loyal to Levi’s. This, though, is becoming increasingly difficult. God damn it, Levi’s: stop with all the distressed stuff. I’m of the opinion that jeans should look worn-in because YOU HAVE WORN THEM. And if you must sell them like that, at least have the decency to also stock “normal” jeans, too.

The good thing about buying jeans and a couple of shirts, though, was when I left the stores with the bags in my hands, it made Mexico City feel a bit like home. Apart from my brief stay in Bellingham and my second (briefer) stay in Berlin, I’ve not been settled in one place for very long since I originally left Berlin at the end of 2007. And because of that, I’m always conscious of luggage space, so I’ve only bought clothes to replace others. These items are additions to my meagre wardrobe. Which made me feel a bit more permanently Mexico-based, even though I’m still technically a tourist.

While I was at one of the shopping centres—actually, it was kind of an open air mall—looking for clothes, I had lunch. Fancied something non-Mexican, so at the food court, I went for to the cryptically-named China Bistro. Ordered my chicken-in-brown-stuff, vegetable rice, and water, and handed over a hundred for the $96 meal. Counter guy gave me $104 back. Bin. Go. There is such a thing as a free lunch.

There’s been a bit of rain here recently. It’s rained every day for the past three days. Friday, I was at a baseball game and they played all the way through the pouring rain. Saturday, though, the game was suspended because it was shitting it down. And I got utterly soaked. (More about going to those baseball games over at Flip Flop Fly Ball.) I was cold and wet all the way home on the Metro, and when I got off the train, the streets in my neighbourhood were like rivers. Getting home was difficult. Finding parts of each street where the puddles were leap-able went okay for a while, but on the big street that I had to cross, there was no chance. The kerbs were submerged, so even if I could jump over the puddles, I had no idea where I would be landing. So I bit the bullet. I waded through. Two days later, my shoes are still damp.

It’s funny when you get out of the habit of blogging, it feels so difficult to get it back again. Just like bowling. I used to go bowling multiple times a week back in 2003, 2004, and 2005. I still think of myself as a moderately good bowler. Back then I was averaging around 170-180. I went again last night. Played two games: 109, 115. Pathetic.

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April 18th, 2011 at 1:37 pm

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  1. Seriously Iced tea for the first time in your life?


    18 Apr 11 at 23:13

  2. Seriously. I tried iced coffee twice in 2008 and didn’t really see what all the fuss was about.


    18 Apr 11 at 23:18

  3. Do you not like chocolate milk either then?


    19 Apr 11 at 13:00

  4. I like that.


    19 Apr 11 at 13:02

  5. Regular Levi’s are up to $58.00 a pair here…


    23 Apr 11 at 14:50

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