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Thank you, Mr. UPS delivery man

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Published July 5th, and pre-order-able of course. More info here.

Written by Craig

April 25th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

4 Responses to 'Thank you, Mr. UPS delivery man'

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  1. ¬°¬°¬°FELICIDADES!!!

    Can’t wait to check it out and of course have a celebratory drink with you (everything is a good excuse to drink but this is better).


    25 Apr 11 at 20:11

  2. I just saw I mispelled my own blog in my previous comment, maybe I should stop drinking (at work).


    25 Apr 11 at 20:14

  3. Yay!! I like that pre-order thingy. handy.
    Really looking forward to your new book Craig. :)


    26 Apr 11 at 11:06

  4. oh heck to the yeah!


    3 May 11 at 18:21

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