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I cooked

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I am not a cook. I can just about knock together some guacamole, but when it comes to things that involves the heating of ingredients, I don’t get much further than a can of soup. This morning, though, on my usual tour of RSS feed items, Alex Belth’s excellent New York-based blog Bronx Banter linked to a food site called Smitten Kitchen, (note: I originally wrote Smitten Kitten, and a few days after the post it was pointed out that I’d made a mistake; and, well, it wasn’t a typo, I genuinely read the site name as “kitten” not “kitchen”) and particularly, a recipe for pasta sauce that was so stupidly simple I gave it a go. And damn, even if I do say so myself, it was delicious. All you need is a can of tomatoes, some butter, and an onion.

Written by Craig

May 17th, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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  1. Hurrah! I love smittenkitchen! Looks tasty! except, the noodles look a little over cooked.


    17 May 11 at 21:35

  2. Yeh, they are a tiny tiny bit. I was trying to watch the Cubs-Reds game at the same time in the lounge.


    17 May 11 at 21:40

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