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Updated Starbucks names list

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My name is a name that Mexican Starbucks employees have difficulty with. Soon after the first misheard name, I started keeping a list. I’ve been called 37 different names so far. Several of the people in my local Starbucks do know my name, a couple of them say “Hola Craig,” and know what drink I usually order, but there are still employees who get it wrong.

Here’s the list of 37:
Craick, Craig, Creak, Creel, Creg, Crek, Crey, Crick, Drake, Dreik, Erick, Fred, Grack, Grake, Gray, Greak, Greck, Grek, Greco, Greg, Grei, Greig, Grek, Grev, Grey, Joel, Kreg, Mike, Rag, Ray, Red, Reik, Rich, Trey, Troy, and Wreck.

Written by Craig

May 13th, 2011 at 11:30 am

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  1. Joel made me laugh


    13 May 11 at 11:39

  2. when i worked in a library, a girl brought her spanish boyfriend in so he could use the internet. everytime he booked a slot after that he always use to say his name was ‘Louise Davies’.


    13 May 11 at 11:46

  3. See my name there? Carmen. Apparently it is quite a popular name in Spanish speaking countries, or so you would think. At Starbucks in Santiago Airport, my name was Comet.


    13 May 11 at 12:12

  4. Comet! That is excellent.


    13 May 11 at 12:19

  5. […] then again, Craigs are a sensible lot. ¬†Even if, sometimes, they’re a total wreck. Skip to Comments (6) Tweet Email « Newer Mop-up man no more: Twins move Joe […]

  6. Just be glad you’re not in the US, where (according to every relevant episode of CSI, CSI:Miami, House, Fringe et al.) Craig is always pronounced ‘Cregg’. I’m looking especially hard at you, Sara Sidle and Marg Helgenberger.

    And don’t get me started on ‘Buoy’. Boo-wee?


    Fuck. Off.

    Stephen Jackson

    15 May 11 at 15:43

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