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More beard talk

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There’s something very strange about seeing your face again when you are used to a beard. I’ve worn a beard since 2003. Sick of shaving, I just let it grow, bought the now-dead beard trimmer and didn’t look back. I’ve shaved off my beard temporarily probably six or seven times now. Only once was it a choice. The other times, like Thursday night, it was a trimming error that left me with no choice.

But one thing I’ve noticed each of those times was how my face looks different underneath the beard each time. I look older. It’s a weird thing about shaving off the beard. At a quick glance, I look younger, as most people tend to do when they lose a beard. But a long, hard, self-loathing filled gaze in the mirror, and I notice the ageing that my beard ordinarily hides. It doesn’t hide it completely, of course; there’s an ever-growing amount of grey hairs in my beard. I don’t really find that a problem, though. It’s not that I’ve actively looked forward to having grey hair, but I always liked my grandfather’s hair when I was a kid, so I’ve always thought that grey hair looked good.

I am, though, very much aware of being one of those guys who has had a beard all his life. There are two types, I think. The first type, is the Alan Sugar type. One of those people who had a fairly neat beard in younger life and kept it. Now it’s grey and a kinda pointless thing on his face. It’s so short it might as well not be there, but – and this is my fear – it’s a facial crutch. Nope, I’m not going down that road. The road I will go down, I think, once the beard is mostly grey, is the big pottery-making, trawler-sailing, beard. My friend Kraig has a big grey beard, and it’s something to aim for. Barring other trimming accidents or a run for political office, I can’t foresee me ever not having a beard for the rest of my life.

Good-bye lower half of my face. Forever.

Written by Craig

June 25th, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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  1. I always remember your words of warning when we were younger, “never trust a man with a trimmed beard, Jwan” using Noel Edmunds and Jeremy Beadle as examples of truth. My man of five years has a trimmed beard was prem. grey at 23 and looks like a schnauser-totally trustworthy.


    1 Jul 11 at 08:04

  2. The exception that proves the rule, sister!


    1 Jul 11 at 13:50

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