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Being 40

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Something I’m becoming more and more aware of, and it’s hardly a ground breaking observation, is the growing difference between my brain and the rest of me. I don’t feel old, but I’m getting older.

More than anything, these three records remind me of the summer of 1989. There were other records, other records that I’ve listened to more, had more of an effect on my life; but for some reason, these three records combine to conjure up a lot of memories. And they all sound — to me, anyway — like they were released yesterday.

Slightly larger version here.

Written by Craig

July 4th, 2011 at 1:26 am

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  1. wurd g. this is a good post as we are all getting older and its weird that we seem to look back at this point. im conciously doing it. is it cos i see my body grow old…am i filled with regrets….i think simply i would simply love to journey back for 1 day to see what it was like to be that youthful again and to not be polluted with the baggage of bullshit we laden ourselves with as we get older. its all unecessary …but impossible to escape it seems. maybe our brain gets bored being so young and simplistic ?
    i dont know .
    i like your painting a lot though. it resonates.
    i would have painted 3 different records….weirdly stereo mcs 33-45-78 would be one for me for that summer.

    chuck d

    4 Jul 11 at 05:32

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