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One of the immediate things I noticed when I was visiting Toronto in July, was the joy of overhearing little snippets of conversation. This isn’t a new phenomenon in my life. After eight years in Germany, I noticed it every time I visited the UK. But in Toronto I kept a list of my favourite overheard snippets.

My favourite meat is lamb. And steak.

I’m not even from here.

You want it back or not?

Oh yeah, I’m getting you back for that.

It’s such a like dumbass thing.

I’m like where did you do her?

Oooohhh yeah! Crazy loud.

It got like 85 tweets and 95 Facebook likes.

It’s like large and like…. Y’know.

Hey we’ll go to the Wide Open after the game eh? Coz like sometime the Blue Jays players go there.

He eats like a bucket of KFC every day.

I’m telling you, like, no joke, it’s on.

Fuckin’ stupid blondie arsehole cunt.

I just feel like we have something so special.

I have my period so it hurts.

That’s where my brother-in-law lives. He’s getting better, but I still don’t like him.

All I wanna do is go training and drink beer.

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August 18th, 2011 at 10:38 am

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