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A room in which one can watch moving pictures

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Went to the cinema last night. First time in over a year that I’ve bothered to go and watch a movie in a room full of strangers, which, and I’m just guessing here, must must must be the longest time I’ve gone without going to a cinema. Having said that, it’s nigh on a year since I’ve seen a live band, if we discount Mexican dudes in bow-ties with huge guitars and trumpets. That should be rectified soon too. Anyway, a friend and I went to see Midnight in Paris, the latest Woody Allen film. I’ve enjoyed some of his recent films. I kinda like how he’s getting a little whimsical with his humour. Whatever Works was great, as was Vicky Christina Barcelona. So, we went to the World Trade Center*, to a multiplex called Cinemex.

* Obviously, there is one World Trade Center that everybody thinks of when they hear those words, but there are loads of them. Look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_world_trade_centers

Medianoche en París was showing in one of the smaller rooms, as you might imagine, but it was quite a fancy small room. Tickets for regular films are about 70 pesos. The tickets for this particular theatre were 129 pesos (€7.44/£6.40/US$10.13). And that is because this particular theatre was in the “Platino” area. The platinum area is a separate part with plush chairs, so you can sit around drinking beer and cocktails, rather than no seats and bright popcorn and hot dog-type vendors. It was like one of the fancy airport lounges. Inside the theatre itself, there’s only about 30 or 40 chairs, and they’re big La-Z-Boy style chairs. Most of them are in pairs, with about two feet separating each pair of seats from the next. Press a button, a foot rest pops up, the chair reclines a bit. Magic. And there’s little tables next to each chair, with a swivelly glass table that means you don’t have to reach far for your snacks. They sold all types of drinks and food. It is possible to have a pasta meal while you watch a movie. Just like at home. Except with a waiter. It was a damn nice way to watch a moving picture. Now I know that this place exists, I’m gonna be searching out loooooong films that I fancy seeing in a cinema.

My film review: I want to own all of Owen Wilson’s clothes. (Even though he dressed pretty much exactly like the Woody Allen character in a Woody Allen film always dresses like, I’m kinda getting to the age where I look at those clothes and think, yep, I can see myself dressing like that.) And the film was enjoyable. Worth seeing. I know what you’re thinking: this Craig guy is like Roger Ebert and Mark Kermode rolled into one with his incisive reviewing techniques.

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September 10th, 2011 at 7:03 pm

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  1. Good to know that it is worth watching.
    I’ll have to watch it on my own as Cameron dislikes Woody Allen films since I had him watch Interiors. Which is one of my favorite Allen films next to Annie Hall.


    10 Sep 11 at 22:59

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