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A short photo essay re. typeface choices in my hometown

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Selectively taking photos of my hometown because I’m an arty snob.

Spelled the name of their own church wrong here:

I wonder: does the use of Comic Sans cancel out the rest of the stuff on this shop front that just screams “I hate people who aren’t like me!”? Nope, it doesn’t.

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December 21st, 2011 at 12:54 pm

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  1. My experience of such things was further enhanced on my recent visit to Venice. Venice, for all of its wonderful beauty and magnificence, suffers from some of the most appallingly mediocre (and over-priced) restaurants, which in the main look good and are well-presented. When my travelling companion and I walked past a cafe which didn’t even have a sign but had a random number of dayglo ‘splats’ attached to the windows in a style reminiscent of a greasy-spoon cafe we burst the door down and had the first decent and most exceptional meal of the trip – stuffed calzone at very good prices – thus proving most other places, particularly corporate, are merely a triumph of packaging over content. Dayglo is good (handwritten even better) and should always be trusted!

    Gary Rudd

    22 Dec 11 at 15:47

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