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Room 101

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On the last day of my holiday, I decided to cross the border back into Mexico so I didn’t have to rush around super early in the morning, trying to get back across the border in time for my flight from Chetumal back to Mexico City. I stayed in a very cheap place (£12/€15/US$19 a night). The room was accordingly shite.

More finger painting here.

Written by Craig

July 16th, 2012 at 1:47 pm

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  1. Please tell me that was actually Room 101?

    I once got ‘upgraded’ to a bridal suite in a Blackpool hotel (it wasn’t my honeymoon…) which turned out to actually be Room 101. It was located above the hotel’s flickering neon sign, and the much boasted about seaview could only be seen if you leaned right out the window. Amazing.


    17 Jul 12 at 04:36

  2. That sounds delightful. There were no towels in this room 101. And my view out of the window was a courtyard and a table with a microwave oven on top.


    17 Jul 12 at 09:57

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