Flip Flop Flying

Steven Robinson

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My dad died on the 19th of July, 1987. 25 years ago today. That’s a long time. Those years have flown by.

Were it not for him, I doubt I’d’ve had the interest in drawing, being creative, expressing myself, whatever you want to call it. He certainly encouraged me a lot.

I still miss him.

This drawing is based on a photograph of he and I taken, or at least processed, in July 1971 (that was back in the day when the date was printed on the back of the photograph by whoever was doing the processing, or maybe it was done in-camera; I really have no idea).

Written by Craig

July 19th, 2012 at 8:55 am

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  1. Really touching, Craig. Great work as usual.


    19 Jul 12 at 09:54

  2. What a beautiful and loving man your father was to encourage and cultivate your creativity, and future. A touching tribute to go with a lovely drawing of a photograph. May your day be peaceful and with much ease.


    19 Jul 12 at 10:29

  3. Beautiful work, Craig. It’s pretty clear you had a very good dad. Thanks for sharing.


    19 Jul 12 at 12:39

  4. lovely drawing Craig, couldn’t reply before now but i to miss your Dad every day.x


    23 Jul 12 at 08:32

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