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Sometimes, better things than baseball happen at a baseball game

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I had a pretty boozy night a couple of Saturdays ago, and didn’t get to bed until around 5.30 a.m. The next day, the Diablos Rojos had a doubleheader beginning at noon. If you do the maths, the answer is “never in a million years am I going to arrive on time.”

And that was the case. I woke up, had coffee and some bread, put on last night’s clothes (mmmm, delightful) and traipsed to the subway.

I arrived at Foro Sol around 1.30 p.m., top of the 5th inning. It was the last regular season game, and it was pretty busy. I went to the section I usually sit in, and saw the beer vendor who I see every game. He was, like, “where the fuck were you?” He said it with a smile, shook my hand, put his arm around my shoulder and pointed to the ass of an attractive woman walking by.

I told him I had a hangover, I got a Coke from him, and took a seat.

A while later, he was bringing drinks to a family near me, and I asked him for another Coke. He came over, quizzical concerned look on his face, and asked why I didn’t want beer, did I feel bad? I told him I felt like shit.

He gestured and said “one minute” and hurried off to talk to a guy sitting a couple of sections over.

He came back holding a small plastic Canada Dry ginger ale bottle. It had about an inch of liquid in the bottom. “Drink it.”

It was tequila. And, damn it, if I didn’t feel better straight away. Maybe it was the tequila, maybe it was the fact that someone who is paid to work at the baseball stadium took the effort to do something so friendly and thoughtful.

I thanked him, and ordered a beer. He told me I didn’t need to thank him, “you’re my brother” and slapped me on the shoulder.

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August 9th, 2012 at 11:46 am

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  1. Drinking alcohol or rather a beer on the next day after a long night of alcohol consumption is called a “Konterbier” in German. I think it works pretty well, but it also might be the beginning of slipping into alcoholism. Because the hangover is nothing else but your body feeling a turkey and you cure that turkey with – more of the drug, of course.

    Anyway, if you do that once a year or so it is probably nothing but a quick helper. If you start to like it because it makes the hangover easier – rather not.

    I like the term “Konterbier”, but I don’t like hangovers at all. And that’s the only situation in which by definition you could use a Konterbier.

    Jacky van der Groenen

    29 Aug 12 at 21:11

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