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My drawing vs. a drawing on a PlayStation video clip

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Update 11 January, 4.30pm: I was contact by PlayStation and we’ve worked things out, and we’re all good now.

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Written by Craig

January 11th, 2013 at 10:39 am

Posted in Artwork,Baseball

11 Responses to 'My drawing vs. a drawing on a PlayStation video clip'

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  1. Oh, you must be so mad and rightly so.
    How cheap of that thief, disrespectful and lazy.


    11 Jan 13 at 11:15

  2. Craig! You wuz robbed!

    I’m thinking a cease-and-desist letter, threaten a lawsuit, then settle by licensing your image in exchange for a free PS3 and copy of MLB 2013. Win-win.


    11 Jan 13 at 12:03

  3. This is ridiculous.

    If they were going to copy you why would they make an effort to make there’s WORSE?

    Seriously makes no sense. You’re reaching and don’t have a case.


    11 Jan 13 at 12:16

  4. DC, maybe the person who did the PS version doesn’t think it looks worse…


    11 Jan 13 at 13:01

  5. you’re kidding me right?

    You’re harper is superior in every way possible.

    why would someone still your work, and put in effort to make it visibly worse? They could have made it visibly better.

    the reality is that someone did the drawing who didn’t have your skill set, of the same player. 2 bryce harper drawings should obviously look similar, and you’re obviously not the first person to draw a famous athlete.

    Sorry but you literally have no case and are wasting your time with this post


    11 Jan 13 at 13:25

  6. You ignored my point. Maybe they don’t think it is worse. Better/worse is subjective.

    I’ve made pixel art for twelve years, I’m pretty good at it. I kinda know what I’m on about. And there are too many similarities, in my opinion, for it to be a coincidence.

    What are you credentials? Are you a lawyer? Are you a pixel artist?
    I never claimed to be the first person to draw a famous athlete, and to mention that seems completely besides the point. Walt Disney wasn’t the first person to draw a mouse. Rodin wasn’t the first person to sculpt a dude. Van Gogh wasn’t the first person to paint a night sky. What’s your point mentioning that?


    11 Jan 13 at 13:34

  7. This is an awfully long-winded examination of something that seems unlikely. They drew the hat logo the same, but honestly, if the medium being used is pixels at a Nintendo resolution, there aren’t a whole lot of different ways to render someone’s likeness. Their face looks about as different from yours as someone could draw a face in that resolution. And the fact that it took you so many steps to convert your face to theirs speaks to the amount of variation between the 2 renderings.
    Plus, they only used the face, putting it in a completely different context on the nyan cat body. And it’s not like this Nintendo revivalist style is hard to find right now (see: Dikembe Mutombo’s 4/12 Weeks to Save the World).
    I really don’t think you have a case.


    11 Jan 13 at 13:50

  8. Yes, awfully long-winded… less than 400 words. God help you if you ever go into a book store. It’ll blow your mind.


    11 Jan 13 at 13:58

  9. I’m sorry to read this, I still thing you’re the best pixel drawer I know. Bingo Flamingo!


    11 Jan 13 at 14:00

  10. I can’t even take dc and Charles seriously.
    I suppose, Craig, you could flattered, but this does reek of how I used to cut paste essays in highschool and believe i was being clever…juuuust different enough that people can fool themselves into believing it was coincidence.

    I think the craziest thing out of this all, is that you didn’t have eyeblack in your original.

    ps…i also agree with Christina


    11 Jan 13 at 14:23

  11. Major suckage going on here, Craig. It certainly speaks to the value of your works and I hope this is just a one-time offense by Sony, whose pockets are clearly deep enough to compensate you.


    12 Jan 13 at 19:27

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