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Perfect life

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This drawing began last September. I was watching a baseball game, some team, I can’t remember which, vs. Boston Red Sox. And, looking at the Sox’s ballpark, I got to thinking what it would be like to scale it down so it was cabin-sized. I did a quick pencil sketch of a cabin that looked nothing like Fenway Park, but wrapped around two sides of a little baseball field-shaped garden. I took a photo of the sketch, imported it into the iPad app I use for drawing, Brushes, and did a digital colour version. And then kept on drawing. The cabin stayed mostly the same throughout, but in my head, the landscape and garden changed. And, as a drawing, it was pretty much entirely drawn without reference photos. Which is rare. I used Google Images to check on the colouring of the birds and the shape of an axe in a tree stump, but apart from that, it all came out of my head. Once I’d drawn the cabin, though, it seemed kinda cold to leave it as an empty cabin, of the sort one would see on the mouth-watering Cabin Porn site. I wanted to live in my drawing. So I added other elements that I’d like were I to live there.

The eagle-eyed, or even the mole-eyed, amongst you will notice there’s a strange sense of scale, with the orange and black oriole being more or less the same size as the dog next to the picnic blanket. That, dear reader, is how I roll. That is to say, I messed up and can’t be arsed to change it.

Anyway, bigger version of the drawing here. And here’s a movie of how the drawing was drawing-ed:

Written by Craig

February 18th, 2013 at 8:18 am

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  1. I love how the trees almost spell out ‘Winky Kinky’ about half-way through. A nice touch for the fans, there.

    Stephen Jackson

    19 Feb 13 at 09:07

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