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Spring cleaning

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Nothing new today, just a bit of spring cleaning over at the main site, Flip Flop Flyin’. Up until today, there used to be a section on the site called G Things. It was a place that I dumped some of the little things that I’d done on this blog, but didn’t seem worthy of their own section. That section has now gone.

I’ve been thinking about how my brain works recently, and it seemed weird to separate those seemingly little things off, as if they were somehow different. But I don’t think that’s how my brain works or sees the things I do. In my head, the little things are just as important as the bigger things.

So I emptied that folder and put all of its contents on the main page as separate things. It took me all of yesterday to do that, partly because I looked at a lot of old stuff for the first time in ages.

It’s a strange feeling looking at things from the past. It’s something I don’t do very often at all, and to see stuff that I still like or am embarrassed about… well, it’s an interesting thing to do. Like reading an old diary. It also made me realise exactly how much stuff there is. There are nearly 250 different sections of the site now. Some of them just single drawings, some of them multi-part stories, some of them full of loads of drawings. Gosh knows what it must be like for anyone visiting this site for the first time.

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May 31st, 2013 at 10:09 am

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