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I’ve been playing with the Paper app on the iPad the last couple of days. First time I’ve spent some time with it. Quite nice actually. It’s one of those apps with in-app purchases, which I find annoying: just make the app a price and give me everything in one go.

It’s missing some things, like being able to change brush size would be nice; a high resolution export would be appreciated, cos as it is, I will never use it for anything that I may want to eventually print; and the overall hipster Moleskine-y conceit grates a touch. They’re just fucking notebooks. Get over yourselves. On the whole, though, it’s quite a pleasant app.

One thing this app does very nicely is make my handwriting look good. Por ejemplo:

Here’s some doodlin’:

Written by Craig

July 23rd, 2013 at 12:28 pm

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