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Big news!

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Special for the World Cup: Mexican-flag-coloured Tic Tacs! The green ones are apple flavour, the red ones are cherry flavour, and the white ones are orange flavour which doesn’t make sense, but I can appreciate that mint would be kinda grim when mixed with apple and cherry.

I am, though, wondering if Tic Tac is doing this in every country? Are there black, red, and yellow Tic Tacs in Germany?

Written by Craig

May 21st, 2014 at 9:00 am

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  1. No, just these: http://www.tictac.de/de/wm-sorte
    But there is a lot of other candy in black, red and yellow special editions, m&ms for example.


    21 May 14 at 22:23

  2. Thanks, Marc.


    22 May 14 at 07:28

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