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I’ve been slack at this blogging lark. And I seem to remember recently saying I’d be better at doing stuff here in a timely manner. Well, reader, I done failed on that one, big time. I had an exhibition in London at the Coningsby Gallery. The show was called Euphoric Trumps because I like those words. While I blasted Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook with updates, I totally forgot to write about it here. I’m annoyed with myself for that.

Anyway, it was a bunch of prints, basically. And some marker pen drawings on glass. And there are limited edition, super high quality prints available (seriously, the paper and ink used is magnificent). You can see the stuff that’s available here: https://www.coningsbygallery.com/shop/artist/Craig+Robinson

Written by Craig

May 10th, 2014 at 6:26 am

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