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Every morning, I wake up around dawn.

I get out of bed, go to the kitchen, fill the kettle with water and turn it on.

I get a mug out of the cupboard and put coffee in the cafetière.

I go to the bathroom and then turn on my computer and check email.

When I hear the kettle click, I go and fill the cafetière and wait for a bit.

Some times longer than other times.

I’m never really sure how long I should wait.

Normally it’s two or three minutes.

I pour a cup of coffee.

And she is there.

Every morning.

She is there.

Hair pulled back into a ponytail.

White sports bra top thing (I don’t know the actual word, sorry).

Grey sporty trousers.

She looks at me and melts my heart.

Every morning.

A slight smile.

She smiles while I drink coffee.

She knows I should probably go to the gym with her, but she never says anything.

She knows I like to drink coffee, stare out of the window as the sun comes up, she knows that those first couple of hours are the most creative hours I have in my day.

She’s not a cow in a field.

She’s not text.

She’s not an illustration.

She’s not an industrial farming process.

She sees me at my worst and she doesn’t judge me.

Then I put her back in the fridge.

Written by Craig

June 5th, 2014 at 11:26 am

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