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Dodger Stadium

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I love Dodger Stadium. I’ve only ever been there once, but it’s so beautiful. The above drawing is done with the iPad app, Adobe Ideas. You can see it bigger, and the ink drawing it is based on, here.

Written by Craig

July 4th, 2014 at 9:39 am

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  1. For a stadium of its era, yes. Quite nice. Expescially the fact that it (almost alone) was baseball only. Candlestick, the (last one standing) Oakland Coliseum, Three Rivers, Riverfront, etc. All multi-purpose crap.

    But, compared to a new baseball-only park — especially Pac Bell Park, which you pie-charted the other day — no contest. (Yes, I know about the coprorate name change, but with the original name, one could pretend that it wasn’t a sponsor.)

    Btw, the above is fact, not opinion, so don’t bother trying to refute it ;-)


    — An SF-dwelling reader…


    4 Jul 14 at 19:21

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