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Where the Streets Have No Name

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I had this dream last night that I was in a city somewhere east of Europe. There were narrow shaded streets and big open areas where the sun was roasting. I was eating nuts and the adhan was being called out. And the sound of the adhan was different to what I’d heard before when I visited Istanbul. It was being made by instruments I didn’t recognise. Lots of different instruments combining to make one sound. Then over the top of that was the sound of voices repeating guttural consonants, like a slowly building choir of k sounds.

That sounds like the start of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” I thought.
I wanted to tell people. I had no device to email or tweet with. Oh my! U2 stole that! And nobody knows.
Then I looked again and found my device and wanted to tweet it, but I only had emojis. No proper alphabet to type with. I wanted there to be emojis that didn’t exist.

Man with blond hair.
Man with cigarette.
Man with hat and goatee.
Man with pink sunglasses.
Dusty road.
Stripey-shirted robber.
Music symbol.

But I couldn’t find these emojis and nobody knew that U2 stole the adhan.

Written by Craig

October 7th, 2014 at 9:25 am

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