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Found a cat today! I was stood staring out of the window with my morning coffee, and saw a small cat just walking on the street, basically showing interest and following anyone who showed some friendliness. Back and forth. People on their way to work who paused, but ultimately went about their days. So I went out, crouched down a few metres away and did that “hey cat” squeaky-kissy noise and he ran over to me. So I brought him/her home. Then went and made some FOUND CAT posters. He/she is adorable! It’s so tempting to go out and rip the posters down, but, somewhere in my neighbourhood, somebody is missing their cat. He/she is really friendly and clean, so obviously he/she is loved. Until he/she finds his/her proper home, though, he/she is more than welcome to sit on my desk while I work.

Written by Craig

April 23rd, 2015 at 12:52 pm

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  1. It’s a calico, so it’s almost definitely a “gatita” :)

    Surly Duff

    23 Apr 15 at 13:09

  2. Nice one. Thanks for the information!


    23 Apr 15 at 13:41

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