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31 years ago, Black Lace released a version of a 1971 French-language song “Agadou.” 31 years later, we are still paying the price. But! Let us confront our pain, not run away from it. Let’s look, listen, and learn…

Patrick Zabé’s 1975 release en français, the earliest version I could find on YouTube:

A 1981 version by a German band which seems to be the one that started the avalanche:

Here is a Czech version from 1982, the one with the “bloody hell, look at that”-est video:

Another French version from 1984:

A 1985 version by a Belgian:

A Dutch version:

And here’s a modern version with a house music beat for the young people:

I could go on, could I not? So let’s just finish with the one we (that is, British people) all know and “love.”

If you listened to all of the above, you win a prize: my eternal respect*

*Eternal respect best before end of July 2015

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July 31st, 2015 at 8:21 am

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