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Last night, I was lying in bed, watching an old episode of Carpool that I’d not seen before.1 It was one with Richard Herring. And even though I am still very much aware of him (that is to say, I listen to most episodes of RHLSTP), I stopped reading his blog several years ago. I used to read it every day, and it was an inspiration to actually blog about daily mundane crap myself. But until I saw him talking about it on Carpool, I’d not even thought about his daily blog for a long time. I had a wee look and yep, he’s still doing it. And I kinda felt like a failure. This blog, the one you are now reading, used to be like that to a certain extent. I would write stuff all the time. And then at some point, I kinda stopped. I now why that was, (and if you were around back in the day, you may have an idea), but it tailed off in 2010 and once I bought an iPad and started drawing on the iPad, iPad drawings basically replaced the typed word. Occasionally I’d write (most notably when I was in Belize last summer) but the desire soon went away again.

I’m not gonna promise myself that I’m gonna do it every day again, but I should, and I want to. I want my early morning ritual to be writing, not clicking things I don’t need to look at on the Internet. I always felt that the writing on the blog helped the artwork. Things came up in words, and came out as drawings or picture stories. I need that back in my life. And “my life” is something I’ve been thinking about a lot of late. The realisation that my work is nowhere near — nowhere! — as popular as it used to be a decade ago is slightly crushing. My ego isn’t enjoying it, so the other parts of my brain have to do something about it. One of the things that happened to the blog was Twitter. When that came around, things that would’ve been 100-200 word blog posts, ended up as 140 character tweets. That’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Economy is good, but not fleshing out sometimes feels like a missed opportunity. And this past year I’ve become less and less happy with how I use Twitter. Right now, I feel like I need a break from it. I’ve not tweeted at all for three days now, and every time my mind has a thought that needs tweeting, I stop myself, make a note, and maybe that thought will be a blog post tomorrow or next week.2

As I posted a couple of months back, we got a cat. She is called Cyndilauper. She went through a few names before she became Cyndilauper. Even before a cat occurred in my life, I liked the idea of calling a cat John Paul III (or Juan Pablo III en espaƱol). When it became clear that the cat was female, she was Juanita for a while (a name of an Underworld song and a Flying Burrito Brothers song whilst hinting at the JP3 idea). I really wanted her to be Britneyspears but that was poo-pooed by the girlfriend, so she ended up as Cyndilauper.

When I was watching Carpool she jumped up onto the bed, ran over my belly and stood next to my shoulder and looked at me. This isn’t the look of “stroke me, Englander!” it was the look of “move your cup of tea from the bedside table because that’s where I like to sleep, dude.” I complied, she took her place and I drank my tea faster than I’d’ve liked just cos it’s boring constantly holding a mug. It made me realise how, despite my desires for a minimally decorated apartment, you always need things like bedside tables.3 I do, though, kinda miss that student-y thing of just having a mattress on the floor. Even though at the time I was very keen on having a real bed. The next time I’m single, I’ll be going for the mattress on the floor again, though. No need for a bedside table then.

Anyway. Let’s see how this blogging thing goes, shall we? Right now I’m dead positive about doing it, even though a good friend of mine, whose finger is way more on the pulse of current Internet than mine, tells me that nobody reads blogs any more. It’d be nice to prove her wrong.

1. It’s interesting how we’ve come to this place in TV, huh? Small cameras and cars equals dead cheap telly. There’s the Jerry Seinfeld one where he showed off his collection of lovely vehicles. There’s the James Corden karaoke thing,4 there’s the Carpool one mentioned above, and Peter Kay’s really quite enjoyable Car Share.

2. This one doesn’t need to be a blog post, but: that one black cornflake in a box of cornflakes. Is that just a missed moment of quality control or is it there just to creep us out a little bit?

3. There’s a note in a notebook that I made earlier in the year to write a story about someone who lives as minimally as he possibly could. The main thrust of this was to get to the idea of him not having chair because if he wanted to sit, there was a toilet. I had the idea that is pretty horrible: him watching TV, eating pizza, and shitting at the same time.

4. If I sing along to “Fancy,” I kinda feel that the concept of fanciness must sink a little in its heart and mutter to itself, “no, you’re bloody not.”

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July 31st, 2015 at 10:42 am

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  1. I always liked your audio podcasts, especially the ones from Belize. And I’m fascinated with everyday life in foreign countries (what’s India’s equivalent of Sainsbury’s? Do they have big supermarkets there at all? Who’s Ecuador’s equivalent of John Motson? Is there a version of ‘Have I Got News For You?’ in the Philippines? That sort of stuff…)

    So, selfishly, I’d like more stuff about the mundanity / opposite of mundanity in a foreign city. And Mexico seems unbelievably fascinating.

    Oh, and plenty of PETE AND BOB, FFS!

    Stephen Jackson

    31 Jul 15 at 15:31

  2. 1. I dunno, but there’s a book store chain here called Gandhi.
    2. Dunno again.
    3. Juan Motsona.
    4. You gotta imagine that format is everywhere, huh?

    You’re right about Pete and Bob. They need to come back.
    Quite tempted to “reboot” several old things actually, he says running-out-of-new-ideas-ingly. But I deffo think some things should’ve gone on longer. Batman and Robinson, for sure, had way more in it than I actually did.


    1 Aug 15 at 12:02

  3. I’m happy to hear you’re getting back on the blogging train as I really like your writings, but am filled with a certain amount of trepidation at the idea of a Pete & Bob reboot as they are still my favourite thing on the site


    10 Aug 15 at 08:34

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