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Best of 2015

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Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always felt like there’s a really great idea that’s just out of reach. Back in my twenties in my university days, it would be there in the dream state you’re in just before properly waking up at noon. And then when I woke up, it’d be gone, and I’d spend a ton of time trying to think what it might’ve been. I still feel like that, but it feels more pressing now. Like, I kinda need that idea to come along, cos I’m sick of being average at what I do. Okay, that’s a tiny bit self-deprecating, but in the grand scheme of thinks I know I’m decent at drawing and ideas, but not Premier League. Problem is, I feel like the last few years, I’ve flirted with relegation out of the Football League, down to non-League football. (Sports metaphors are annoying, I know.) I did this last year (Best of 2014) with similar thoughts in my head. I will do it again now, and hope and hope and hope that I don’t feel like this next December.

So, here’s the things that I did in 2015 that I still quite like.

This Season’s Flags < loads more here

Rave Octagon

Neptune Fish Bar

Kraftwerk 12345678 < eight other drawings here

The boy whose head was a part of the Panama Canal likes vanilla ice cream but doesn’t have a mouth

Football field (dub mix)

Mountains < loads more here


Cactus with daffodils and fairy lights

ME><I<0 < way bigger here

Adivina Quien?

And this, a short animated drawing of King Tubby’s Studio. Nothing much happens, but I dig it:

King Tubby's studio. Animated illustration. #illustration #pixelart #animation #kingtubby #kingston #jamaica #dub

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December 29th, 2015 at 6:39 am

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