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Old digital photographs

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Back in the day (2000) when I worked at Defcom in Berlin, our boss Johnny gave the employees a Polaroid digital camera for Christmas. Nice. It looked like this:

Images were 320×240 pixels (0.7 megapixels). It had 500kb of memory and held 29 photos. I found a few of the photos I took with the camera. Sadly, at some point along the way, I lost the camera :(

This is the first apartment building I lived in in Berlin. Lovely place. Very lucky to live in such a nice building. (27 April 2001)

A truck, a wall, and a tree. (27 April 2001)

Johnny’s dog. (27 April 2001)

U-Bahn station. (28 February 2001)

Self portrait in the office toilet. (28 May 2001)

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March 12th, 2016 at 8:01 am

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  1. Oh, that portrait.

    Merete Beckmann

    18 Mar 16 at 14:58

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