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Internal Belize Jukebox

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I just had a lovely trip to Belize. Blogged about that place before, so not doing that again this time. One thing that was interesting for me was that it was the first trip of any kind that I’ve taken since 2003 without headphones. I was never really one for using a Walkman or Discman back in the day, but as soon as I got a 3rd gen iPod in 2003, I have used them virtually on every flight, bus journey, etc. I have never left my headphones at home. This time I did. No music on my iPad, no headphones. I was at the mercy of other people (bus drivers, cafe or bar staff) when it came to the music I listened to. But I’d kinda forgotten that I might actually have an internal jukebox playing in my head. I made a note of every song that played on that jukebox on my trip. All but three of those songs are available on Spotify, so I made a playlist. (The other three songs: “Receptacle for the Respectable” by Super Furry Animals, “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift, and “6 Inch” by BeyoncĂ©.) Most of the songs would have been on my iPod had I taken it. Nearly all of them are at least on my iTunes on my computer. A couple of them were songs I’d heard in a bar that stuck in my head. But most of all, it was interesting that, actually, while there were a few times that I fancied hearing something better than soca covers of Peter Frampton songs, I didn’t miss my iPod at all.

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June 13th, 2016 at 7:33 am

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