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3,132: Step Back in Time

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Last Friday, I went to a baseball game. The Liga Mexicana’s winter league has begun. It only began last year, and it’s essentially a youth league for the teams in the Liga Mexicana. Most of the roster spots are for players under 25, with five spots that can be filled by players of any age. Only six teams. My local team Diablos Rojos del Mexico has a squad comprised of young chaps from both the Diablos system and the Guerreros de Oaxaca system (Guerreros are owned by the same rich guy.) Anyway, I was sat there with my mate and his parents, having a nice refreshing Corona. Between innings, the speakers played played this song:

My mate was chatting to his parents and I’d drifted off in my own head. (It’s interesting that we do that, huh? That we can simply crossfade from paying attention to something and suddenly be deep in our own thoughts, to the point where sometimes we still outwardly look like we are paying attention: saying “yes,” or “uh-huh,” nodding our heads, but really we are so so far away. I kind of imagine it there being a camera on the back of a subway train. The person who you are talking to is stood on the platform and the camera – that is to say, your brain – is rapidly disappearing down a tunnel.)

I have never owned an INXS record. Not sure why. I look back and think about the albums I was buying in 1987, and Kick really should’ve been in there. I was, at that point, into U2, Simple Minds, Bruce Springsteen. INXS should’ve been in there. New Sensation was a single the year after, and while I was sat there in my own tunnel at the baseball, I asked myself a question. It’s a question you will have asked yourself at least once, too: would I go back to that point, forgetting my whole life up to this point?

And while I was in that tunnel, I instinctively answered yes. My brain just blurted it out. Of course, going back in time and remembering your current life would be in some way preferable in other ways awful. If you did that you would end up in a different place. Correcting the mistakes you made with a girlfriend or boyfriend would change your history. Trying harder at university, putting in more effort at art college would change your history. But that’s the only possible reason you’d have for wanting to go back remembering your current life: to change some things.

At some point, too, you’d get nostalgic for your real life. If trying a bit harder at art college in Life Version 2 got me into Sheffield University instead of Derby, my life would take a totally different path and I would miss Life v1. And it’d be some proper saudade shit going on in your head. You’d have to find ways to convincingly engineer meeting your friends from your 20s and 30s (from London and Berlin, in my case) even though you didn’t necessarily live there. The more you think and think about it, the more depressing it is. A good compromise, I think, would be if you went back knowing that this was your second time, but had no memory whatsoever of your first try. Like knowing you were a reincarnation.

If it had to be done, if there was a portal that someone presents to you at a certain age, like a birthday present, and it’s a one time offer – go back in time to your 18th birthday or not – it’d be very difficult to say no, I think. Even knowing that things would turn out badly. But if there was no memory of your real life through that portal, then I guess your choice would have to depend on how successful you think your real life has been. If you have a family, a career you enjoy, live somewhere you like living, you’d be giving up too much. But sat at a baseball game in Mexico City last Friday, I said yes.

A wee bit of artwork
A quick pixelly drawing of one dude wearing the kits of the four claret and blue teams in English football: West Ham United, Burnley, Aston Villa, and Scunthorpe United.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article

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Minecraft Project Day 3
Nothing worse than waking up and finding a massive bloody red-eyed spider hovering around right outside your shelter.

Let’s mine some iron ore to make better tools (iron is better than stone is better than wood. The goal here is to mine more and more and be lucky enough to find some diamonds. Diamonds make kiss-ass tools).

A bit more scouting, and it seems there might be a decent-sized cave system near my shelter.

Nearby, there’s a mountain.

Right now, though, I’m more interested in doing some mining than a nice place to live, so this second shelter will be my home for a while, I reckon. But I might as well make it a wee bit more practical, so I dumped some cobbleblocks there to make some steps for easier access.

And gave my hole a door.

Nighty night.

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October 26th, 2016 at 11:07 am

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