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Blog post No. 3,120: Trash

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Here’s a thing that has frustrated me for a long time, but I’ve never really had a coherent thought about it before:

Gmail’s side menu thingy has THREE places where emails you no longer want can go. Why!? Why is there “Trash,” “Deleted Messages,” and “[Gmail]Trash”? And then when I look at the Gmail app on my phone, I can swipe an email away and it’s “archived.” So where does that go? It’s not in “[Gmail]Trash” or “Deleted Messages” and what is called “Trash” on the web version of Gmail is called “Bin” on the Android app. Well, it’s still in “All Mail.” Okay, swiping to get something out of the inbox doesn’t do what one would assume it does. And considering “All Mail” has, duh, all the mail, that folder is just a mess of stuff that I want and don’t want. What what what? Why is this Google and Android stuff so confusing? And we’ve not even mentioned why there are “Starred” and “Important” folders. How has Gmail been going so long and not sorted this out? Is it simply because only a handful of people (me very much included) are bothered enough to keep email tidy? That can’t be it, because Gmail is my secondary email account, so there’s not actually much daily traffic there. For people who like things neat and tidy and use Gmail as their primary account, it must be awful. And, seriously, what the hell is “[Gmail]Trash”?

A wee bit of artwork

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Other business
When people ask (do people ask, actually? OR do we just find a way to tell people because our own opinions are oh-so-important?) what my favourite film is, I either say Singin’ in the Rain or Trading Places. I love both of them. The latter was on TV recently, and, well, it was as good as ever. I was a teenager in the 1980s, so like most heterosexual teenage boys at that time, there were few things as exciting in the world as seeing Jamie Lee Curtis take her top off. Sadly though, for Mexican teenage boys, Mexican TV blurred out Jamie Lee’s boobs.

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Unfortunately it was (and still bloody is) a Muse song. No idea how that got in there. So here’s an infinitely better song that was in my head when I woke up on 25th Sept: Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX

So, what’s this all about, eh? Blogging again, are we?
I’m trying. I came to a realisation recently that the blog is utterly pointless if I don’t write stuff. It’s all well and good whacking my drawings on here, but you can see them on social media. Without writing, what is the point of keeping this blog going? Plus I’m out of the habit of writing every day and it’s something I’d like to practice more. So, one last stab at keeping the blog alive. I decided that each post should have some sort of structure to help me, more than anything. Some way of feeling like what I’m doing is a thing, not just a paragraph. A 10-minute skip through some of the things in my head delivered hot and fresh to your RSS feed, essentially. I’ve set myself the target of blogging every weekday. Let’s see how that goes, eh?

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October 7th, 2016 at 9:01 am

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  1. Very nice to see you write again! Been a huge fan of your work for a long time, but also your stories and always checking in to see what’s new. Keep on the good work.


    10 Oct 16 at 12:59

  2. Thank you, Jonne. That’s very kind of you. I hope to keep it up!


    10 Oct 16 at 13:08

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