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Blog post No. 3,122: Ten unconnected thoughts

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1. I hope that – aside from curing cancer, making cars safer, and all that stuff – scientists are working on a way to make non-stick yoghurt lids. I would like the option of eating a yoghurt without being forced – FORCED! – to lick a piece of foil.

2. I wonder if people can predict the sound things can make. Like screeching tyres. Like when tyres were invented, I wonder if they could’ve predicted the screechy sound. I’m not suggesting they should’ve wasted time doing that, but I just wonder if they could’ve sat down with a ruler and abacus, and gone rubber + tarmac + rapid increase/decease of speed = screeeeeeeeeeeeeech!

3. A-I-E-O Potamono. That’s “onomatopoeia” backwards. One of my school friends used to say it a lot. My memory is that was never really used for any reason, just a silly sing-song-y interjection at some point in conversations. And a good thirty years later, I still think about it every time I hear the word “onomatopoeia.”

4. Clowns aren’t scary.

5. You can skip some of the ads on YouTube after five seconds, right? How is it that the advertising industry, where some of the world’s most creative people work, hasn’t noticed that we pretty much always hit skip as soon as we can? Why are there so many ads that I watch five seconds without knowing what is being sold? When those ads are movie trailers, why do I have no idea of the title of the film or the lead actors? Shouldn’t advertisers be making the most of those five seconds?

6. There’s a local brand of cola called Mexicola. Here’s other words (in the English language, sorry) beginning with “co-” that can be tacked on the end of “Mexi”: Mexicoal, Mexicone, Mexicode, Mexicogs, Mexicoil, Mexicoma, Mexicore, Mexicozy.

7. Animated movies should come with a sheet listing the voice actors and their previous work, (in the DVD or Blu-Ray box; or given out as you enter the cinema) so you don’t spend the whole film wondering where you recognise the voice from

8. Someone was talking to me in English. They were telling a long story. I wasn’t bored, but they politely asked if I was. There was, though, a delightful mix-up of the past participle and present participle: “are you boring?”

9. We have remixes and covers of old songs. Why not more remixes and covers of national anthems. Reggaeton covers, to be specific.

10. Sports teams have mascots. Some corporations have mascots. Why don’t we have them for new wars, too? Some dude dressed up as a big furry bald eagle at the front line of any US military action, a dude dressed up as a big furry kangaroo for the Australian army, dude dressed up as a big furry Syrian brown bear for ISIS. It’s a winning idea, right? Right?

A wee bit of artwork
Here’s four drawings that, well, I liked the idea of doing a 32 pixel high landscape that was one pixel wide. I did the drawings in a pixelly app called Pixaki and Photoshop, and then replicated that one pixel width 32 times. (They are obvs larger than 32 pixel here.) There’s a nightclub, countryside, a glacier, and an English beach.

Other business
Here’s a little bird trying to make a nest.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
When I Think of You

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning
Boy Problems by Carly Rae Jepsen.

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October 11th, 2016 at 10:07 am

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