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Blog post No. 3,125: Happy

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Walking down the street yesterday, I overheard a tiny snippet of a conversation between two young Americans. One male, one female. The bit I heard was the woman saying “I was so happy.” The man was smiling when she said it. This year has been pretty awful. Terrorism, Syria, Brexit, Trump, Prince. And it was nice to hear happiness vocalised.

That’s all today. An American woman in Mexico City was happy. That’ll do me.

A wee bit of artwork
A coupla things done with the wonderful Pixaki app on my iPad. I go through phases with pixels. Obviously, my pixel drawings are the reason I had a small amount of success in the past, but I sometimes just do it because it’s what I know best, but there are times like now, and the last few weeks, where I really dig pixelly stuff. Part of that is because of Pixaki. I can do it on the sofa, not just sat at my computer.

Other business

Fucking Brexit… Fuck you Cameron for putting us in this situation, fuck you Johnson, double fuck you Farage you piece of shit, and fuck you May. Rot in hell, the lot of you.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Latimer Road tube station

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning
It was Crises by Mike Oldfield again this morning, like it was on Monday, so here’s the song that was in my head when I woke up on 3 October instead: Troublemaker by Weezer.

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October 14th, 2016 at 10:25 am

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