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Blog post No. 3,127: Human touch

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning was Human Touch by Rick Springfield. I watched the video last night. The video for that song was made in 1983, and set in 2016. This is what our world should be like RIGHT NOW:

We are in space. People seem to be suspended in little vertical plastic coffins until skull men press a button. Then Rick asks a computer called Sally where he is. 2016! Yay! The computers look pretty cool. I like that we are dancing a lot in 2016. And the saxophone player has four eyes. Then there’s a radiation alert. Oh-oh, 2016 is fucked! Nuclear radiation everywhere. Best get back in the coffin pod things quick sharpish. But oh no! Rick fell over (really weakly), but one of the dancing women helps him out. Tbh, looks like it was just a sneaky plan to get in the same pod as a lass.

There are four other Human Touchs listed on Wikipedia. The Springfield one is the second best of them.

The best one is obviously Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen. For some reason, I never bought this album. Partly, I guess because being into Bruce was something I’d drifted apart from since my teenage years. I was way too into nightclubs, smoke machines, dancing until tomorrow at this point in my life. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember not really like that 57 Channels song, so maybe that was a big factor in not buying it. Or maybe it was that Human Touch was released on the same day as Lucky Town. Just feels like cocaine ego to release two albums at once, dunt it? I’m guessing the sleeve designer didn’t have much time considering the godawful job he/she did of both of them.

Human Touch by Elvis Costello is a jaunty ska-ish affair. Nothing special.

Human Touch by Hue and Cry is a good reminder of why I never bought any Hue and Cry records. It sounds like it thinks it might be dead sophisticated like Steely Dan or something like that, but [this is where if I was a mid-morning TV show host, I’d say “it’s actually woody or rusty or plasticky Dan”].

Human Touch by Warren Wiebe is shit.

A wee bit of artwork
A drawing (using the Paper app) of modern life: lying in bed, look at an iPad screen.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
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October 19th, 2016 at 10:18 am

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