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Blog post No. 3,128: Petite Meller

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The song in my head when I woke up this morning was Tubular Bells. This sort of thing tends to happen. Songs might stick around for a few days. I’m not sure why. But less of that now, I’ll do a post at the end of the year analysing the year’s morning songs. (I have, obvs, kept a list). So here’s Milk Bath by Petite Meller, a song that was in my head when I woke up on the 15th and 16th of October.

I really like her work. Every one of her recent singles has been wonderful, and I’m having a similar feeling to what I had when I was a kid and loved side one of Born in the USA. Then, I resisted listening to side two because I was scared of being disappointed (why? I dunno, I was 14 years old), and with Petite Meller, I love the singles so much that I’m a little scared to listen to the album, Lil Empire. I have it saved in Your Music on Spotify, (it’s weird in this modern Internet world, where lots of things are referred to like that “your [x]”, but then when you have to talk about it, you can’t use the name of that section of a Web site without it sounding weird: “I have Petite Meller saved in Your Music” “Why do you have access to my Spotify account?” “No, Your Music on Spotify, the section with your music in it” “Did you hack my account, motherfucker!?” Oh the fun…) So, yes, I have it saved in Your Music, I’ve checked out the tracklisting: it has 12 songs and six of those are previously-released singles. It’s those six new songs, though. I don’t want to be disappointed. But, it’s time. I should do it today. Report tomorrow.

The first song I heard of hers was my favourite song of last year, Baby Love. This was a song that was very often in my head when I woke up. It’s catchy as hell. I like her slightly bad dancing, too. She dances like a child at a wedding who flits between being unwilling to dance and then dancing like she’s had a bit too much Kia-Ora.

After getting into that, I went back and listened to the two previous singles NYC Time and Backpack. Not as catchy (Baby Love is a high bar), but over time, just as adorable.

Barbaric came out after Baby Love. There are similarities.

Lil’ Love was next. Oh man, I adore this song. It’s like she’s doing a pop version of early 1990s rave music.

Milk Bath was next, and then just recently, The Flute came out. Judging from the location, I assume the record company has some money behind her, which is good, cos she deserves to be a massive star IMO. This is more of the poppy/rave stuff. So brilliant, then.

There are a couple of earlier songs out there which aren’t as good. They sound like she hadn’t quite sorted out her thing yet.

And then there’s this. It’s called Stevie Jobs. It’s not good. At all. First thing you notice is she hasn’t got the look she has now. And the lyrics are a bit rubbish. And as a song, well, it should’ve stayed hidden, really. (Quite tellingly, it’s not on her own YouTube channel, just on a talent agency’s Vimeo page.)

But forget about that one, eh? She’s ace nowadays. Listen to Lil’ Love or Baby Love again.

A quick rubbish drawing I did during the debate last night

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