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I’ve got this text document on my computer, which I update periodically. It’s called TELLY.txt, and I use it to make a note of where I’m up to on various TV shows ( Veep S2E3, Game of Thrones S5E2, Louie S4E13, etc etc). Next to the word Lost, it just says, “watch last six eps”. Rather than do that, I started again at the beginning. It’s a fun endeavour. There is so much stuff I’d forgotten. It does, at times, feel a bit like they’re making it up as they go alone, kinda like when you ask a child to tell you a story “and then the plane crashed and then there was a monster made of smoke and then there was some bad people who kept Kate and Sawyer in a cage and there was a submarine, too!” I’m four episodes away from re-getting to that point where I should “watch last six eps,” and I’m kinda starting to realise why I didn’t just finish it the first time. The sixth season, so far, is just a mess. It feels like they’re trying to cram in loads of stuff, but I also don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere. It is fun, though, to completely binge on Lost. Way more fun than it was watching it in real broadcast time back in the day.

51.89% of this square is green. Or, what some will have you believe is “a clear mandate.” #brexitwankers

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I like that there is a Wikipedia page for what is, at its core, an imaginary line in the sand: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico-United_States_border

The song in my head when I woke up this morning:

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