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The song in my head when I woke up this morning was one of my favourite Kylie songs. Not a surprise, I’ve been listening to her a fair bit in the last few days. But it made me think about doing a top 13. A few years ago, my friend Becki and I both made our own top 13s of Blur songs. We had a rule that there had to be a song of each album. We agreed that a top ten would be tough, and she wanted to have a top 13, and I wanted to have it as one hour of music. Both of our top 13s came at to be very very close to one hour, so it seemed like a good thing. Ever since then when I think of lists of favourite songs, I think of them as top 13s. So I spent some time doing my Kylie Minogue top 13. Pretty much every song here was a single, but she’s a pop star so that’s the way it should be.

First, the honourable mentions. In chronological order (there’s lots of them because she’s the business):
I Should Be So Lucky (1987)
Hand on Your Heart (1989)
I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) (1989)
Shocked (1991)
Breathe (1997)
GBI (German Bold Italic) by Towa Tei featuring Kylie and Harunomi Hosono (1998)
In Denial by Pet Shop Boys featuring Kylie (1999)
I Believe in You (2004)
Giving You Up (2005)
In My Arms (2008)
The One (2008)
All the Lovers (2010)
Into the Blue (2014)
Every Day’s Like Christmas (Stock Aitken and Waterman Remix) (2015)

Now onto the top thirteen.:

13. Especially For You by Kylie and Jason Donovan (1998)

It took me quite a while to choose this one over I Should Be So Lucky. This one has a nicer melody, though.

12. Come Into My World (2001)

Totally reminds me of watching German MTV back in the day. My second favourite Gondry video (Star Guitar is the best). I like her clothes in this video.

11. Disco Down (2000)

The only non-single on my list (thus this tour rehearsal video; still a pretty good representation of the song, though). This has got one of those melodies, chord progressions, whatever it’s called, that will always make me like a song.

10. Slow (2003)

The video always reminds me of L’Escargot by Henri Matisse. Wikipedia tells us that this is Kylie’s favourite Kylie song.

9. Never Too Late (1989)

The first Kylie record I actually bought. After a couple of years of quietly liking her music I came out, as it were. I dig the pistol fingers in the video.

8. Did it Again (1997)

This was the song in my head when I woke up this morning. Cute Kylie’s my favourite in the video. She seems happiest. It’s weird to remember how Kylie was viewed at this time. You really got the feeling that she didn’t have much of a career on the horizon, but Impossible Princess is one of the three albums I still listen to pretty regularly (Enjoy Yourself and Light Years are the others).

7. Your Disco Needs You (2000)

The single version of this isn’t as good as the album version. I bought the CD single, though, cos I was living in Germany, and it had a different version (above) where the only difference to the album version is the French bit is spoken in German. I need to learn music terminology so I can describe things better. I like that the melody is happy and slightly melancholy at the same time. This song and New York City Boy by the Pet Shop Boys seem to indicate that aping the Village People is a fucking great idea. It totally reminds me of going to see her live at Columbiahalle in Berlin on the On a Night Like This tour. Good setlist.

6. Some Kind of Bliss (1997)

The first of her singles not to go top 20 in the UK. I love it. And it’d be in my top five Manic Street Preachers song, too.

5. Confide in Me (1994)

The video doesn’t suit the song at all. The 90s, eh? I wonder what they were thinking. It absolutely makes no sense. Fantastic song, though.

4. Can’t Get You Out of My Head (2001)

Probably her best song, right? I’ve always liked that there’s a difference between best and favourite. Makes life more interesting.

3. What Do I Have to Do (1990)

It was really hard to pick which song was number three and number two on my list. Both are from the same album. And when I’m listening to either song, that one feels like my second favourite Kylie song.

2. Better the Devil You Know (1990)

But this one is number two because it was the current single when I saw her live for the first time at the NEC in Birmingham in 1990 on the Enjoy Yourself tour. I did indeed buy the t-shirt. Wish I still had it. She looks wonderful in this/every video.

1. Wouldn’t Change a Thing (1989)

Everything about this song is perfect. I love it when a song’s melody goes where it should go. Everything is in harmony. I used to know the dance routiine. Kinda forgotten it now, sadly. That moment at 2:40 where a bit of her hair is front of her face (the screenshot at the top of this post). Oh my, life was never the same after that!

(And this post would not be complete without mentioning the wonderful KLF song, Kylie Said to Jason.)

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Minecraft Project Days 14 and 15
I needed more spruce, so had to nip over to the forest to chop down some trees

On the way back, I noticed there’s a cave right underneath the mound where I’m building my cabin. Will have to investigate that soon.

And there we go: stage one of the cabin finished.

A bit of late night work on the deck turned into an all-nighter.

Not totally convinced by the chunky birch deck, but it’ll do for now.

I needed some coal and iron, so I did some mining in the hole directly beneath my mound.

And came out of a more accessible hole. Seems like it’s a pretty big cave system down there, so I’m tempted to make a nice entrance and some steps, just to make getting supplies easier. The deck thingy looks better from a distance, so maybe I’ll live with it for a bit. I’m gonna have to do a bit of landscaping though. The front of the cabin is way too close to the edge of the hill. Or maybe have another main entrance, and close off the deck with some fencing, so it’s just like a back porch.

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