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3,145: Doing something

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I am not American and I don’t live in the United States.

These two things don’t stop me having an opinion, though. I have an opinion.

But, if I were American, the next president wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad for me as a lot of other people. I’m white, male, heterosexual. And in the days after his victory, I pretty much entirely refrained from typing any opinions on Twitter.

Looking at the demographics of the election results, it’s quite clear that white people, especially white man, have already said enough. And while everyone’s opinion matters in some way, right now, nobody really needs to hear another white, straight men. (Indeed, here’s how the first three demographics I fit into on the NY Times’s breakdown voted: Sex: Trump, Race: Trump, Age: Trump.)

So I read a lot. Here’s a bunch of things that caught my attention. You’ve probably seen a lot of them, but it obviously doesn’t hurt to share them.

Before that though, while I was reading yesterday, this tweet hit home (the whole thread is worth reading).

I am absolutely guilty of just clicking “like” on Twitter way too often, and not retweeting. That is something I am determined to address. It’s not much, but it’s doing something.

Here’s an image I saved without taking note of the source. I’m annoyed by that, but it still deserve to be shared:

History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump by Tobias Stone

Trump’s win is a reminder of the incredible, unbeatable power of racism by Jenée Desmond-Harris

Will You Lose Your Health Insurance Under President Trump? by Eve Peyser

“I do take some small, cold, bitter satisfaction in one thing, and that’s the fact that Trump is going to be absolutely fucking miserable for the next four years.”


There’s more and more and more and more. And I will retweet them.

A wee bit of artwork

The song in my head when I woke up this morning
The Box by Orbital.

Here’s an interesting Wikipedia article
Law of salvage

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Minecraft Project Day 16
So, you wake up, and look at things fresh in the morning and, urgh, yep, I’m gonna have to sort out this pathetically small deck.

My mind was still on the deck, I go around the side of the cabin, and then there’s a bloody Creeper right there, and he blew himself up before I could do anything about it. Bastard made a hole in my cabin and blew out loads of dirt from under it. So I had to sort that out, do some repairs, before I could get on with my plans for the day.

I wanted to have a good look at the space around my cabin and mentally plan where shit’s gonna go. So I build a quick dirt tower, stood on top, and had a look around. I wanna start growing wheat to make bread. A little farm somewhere flat, near the edge of the hill so that I can maybe expand later if needs be. I’m gonna do it in the bottom left corner.

Right about there.

But that’ll had to wait. The Creeper business this morning reminded me that I should put up a load of torches on my hill to hopefully stop the bad guys spawning near my cabin again.

Written by Craig

November 12th, 2016 at 8:05 am

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